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Following are from the Italian label Ants
Gianfranco Pernaiachi - Ora Gianfranco Pernaiachi
AG01 (2 CDs), $26.00
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Albert Mayr - Hora Harmonica Albert Mayr
Hora Harmonica
AG02 CD, $16.00
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Pietro Grossi - Battimenti Pietro Grossi
AG03 CD, $16.00
Out of Stock
Hugh Davies - Tapestries Hugh Davies

AG04 CD, $16.00
Out of Stock

Tom Johnson - Organ and Silence Tom Johnson
Organ And Silence
AG05 CD, $16.00
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Pierce & White - John Cage - A Tribute John Cage - A Tribute
Joshua Pierce with
Robert White
AG06 (2 CDs), $30.00
Out of Stock
Gigi Masin & Giusepe Caprioli - Moltitdine In Labrinto Gigi Masin & 
Giuseppe Caprioli

Moltitudine In Labirinto
AG07 CD, $16.00
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Albert Mayr
Proposte Sonore

AG08 CD, $16.00
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If,Bwana - Fire Chorus If,Bwana
Fire Chorus
AG09 CD, $16.00
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Luca Miti - Just Before Dawn Luca Miti
Just Before Dawn
AG10 CD, $16.00
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David Monacchi - Paesaggi di Libero Ascolto David Monacchi
Paesaggi di Libero Ascolto
AG11 CD, $16.00
Out of Stock
Tom Johnson
Rational Melodies/
Bedtime Stories
AG12 CD, $16.00
Out of Stock
Luca Miti - Mansions Luca Miti
Ant01 CDR, $13.00
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Salvatore Linquido - West Mantra Salvatore Linguido
West Mantra
Ant02 CDR, $13.00
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Albert Mayr - Suono Ambiente Albert Mayr
Suono Ambiente
Ant03 CDR, $13.00
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Gigi Masin - Lontano Gigi Masin
Ant04 CDR, $13.00
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Luigi Di Giampietro - Cinque Pezzi Luigi Di Giampietro
Cinque Pezzi
Ant05 CDR, $13.00
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ierluigi Castellano - Zonacalda Pierluigi Castellano
Ant06 CDR, $13.00
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Francesco Michi - Sound Reportage Francesco Michi
Sound Reportage
Ant07 CDR, $13.00
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Franco Degrassi Gianni Lenoci - 16 Franco Degrassi
Gianni Lenoci

Ant08 CDR, $13.00
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David First - Dave's Waves David First
Dave's Waves
Ant09 CDR, $13.00
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Alessandro Fogar - Prakriti Alessandro Fogar
Ant10 CDR, $13.00
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Salvatore Linquido - Themes Salvatore Linguido
Ant11 CDR, $13.00
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Also distributed by Ants...
Fatima Miranda
Las voces de la voz
FM-1 CD, $16.00
Out of Stock
Fatima Miranda
FM-2 Book & CD, $20.00
Out of Stock
Fatima Miranda
Concierto en Canto
FM-3, $16.00
Out of Stock
Sound of Pig Cassette Mail Order Catalogue Sound of Pig - SOP Cassette Mail Order Catalogue features hundreds of titles!
Sound of Pig (SOP) cassettes are back! From the early 1980's through the 90's, Al Margolis earned the title "Cassette Godfather" with his Sound of Pig cassette label by releasing tapes and distributing them through a growing DIY music underground. Releases include Amy Denio, Illusion of Safety, Al Margolis, Merzbow, Jim O'Rourke, and many others.   Read more SOP history  |  View the SOP Catalogue
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