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Since If,Bwana has been a strong thread weaving it's own tapestry from the days of SOP into the present Pogus label, we've decided to give it it's due. We've combined the new with the old here as well as the yet to be born. And for those of you who need a little history to spark your interest we've also included a discography, you'll find the link at the bottom of this page.

A new and ongoing collaboration with Doug Van Nort... Live Outakes

Grindstone Redux - The Documentary

Grindstone Redux

TAM-1 DVD, $15.99
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If,Bwana -Rdio Slaves

Al Margolis & Dan Burke

AB-CDR-76 CDR, $10.00
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If,Bwana -Rdio Slaves

Radio Slaves

IB-CD-3 CD, $14.00
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If,Bwana -Ghost of Reality

The Ghost of Reality

IB-CDR-2 3" CDR, $10.00
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If,Bwana -Guilty Connector
Guilty Connector / If,Bwana
IB-CDR-1 CDR, $13.00
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Bird Brain Bath
IB-R-1 7", $6.00
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Fire Chorus (released on Ants)
AG09 CD, $14.00
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If,Bwana - Gruntle
IB-CD-2 CD, $14.00
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If,Bwana - Rex Xhu Ping
Rex Xhu Ping
21038-2 CD, $14.00
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Current releases on Pogus

Cat. No.

Title / Description


21024-2 I, Angelica 2-CDs
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21019-2 Clara Nostra
CD $14.00 Add to Cart
21013-2 Tripping India CD $14.00 Add to Cart
21010-2 Breathing CD $14.00 Add to Cart
21007-2 33 Birds Went CD $14.00 Add to Cart

From the SOP Catalog

Cat. No.

Title / Description


Please Inquire for Price
SOP 100 They Call Me Bwana C60  
SOP 109 Beware the Sleeping Squid C60  
SOP 115 Synthesis (w/ Enstruction) C60  
SOP 166 Organ Life C60  
SOP 190 Bwana Frolic & Friends C60  
SOP 196 Tu (As If (Squared),Bwana) C60  
SOP 197 Horns And Hardart C60  
SOP 220 Cache La Poudre C90  
Visit the SOP catalogue for ordering information on the above titles.

Discography - Where we've been and what we've been up to.

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