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Tom Johnson - Kientzy plays Johnson
Pogus 21033-2 CD, $14.00 US
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Tom Johnson - Kientzy plays Johnson
Daniel Kientzy, saxophones; Meta Duo; Tom Johnson, narrator

It is a great pleasure for Pogus to present this recording of Daniel Kientzy playing the works of Tom Johnson. The following is drawn from the liner notes:

In Kientzy Loops, the accompanying loop is a mix of six alto saxophones played in continuous blowing, while the principal lines are played on alto saxophone, except for the third section, played on baritone. The piece, premiered at the auditorium of the ADAC in Paris, was awarded a French national prize in the Victoires de la musique as the best piece of contemporary music for the year 2000. We are indebted to our friend Marc Chemillier for La Tortue de mer. As a mathematician Chemillier became interested in the unique geometry of drawings made in the sand by the people of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. This (turtle) drawing, and there are many others, consists of a single line with a total of 103 turns, and one must draw the sequence so that the symmetrical form comes out just right. The drawing is systematic, and it also makes a lovely logical form when translated into music. We decided the sequence would sound best played on the contrabass saxophone, tuned an octave lower than the baritone, a rare instrument with heavy notes that seem to mimic the embarrassing slowness of these giant sea creatures. Narayana's Cows, inspired by an Indian mathematician of the 14th century, and playable on any combination of instruments, is written on three staves: the complete melody, the reduced bass melody, and the drone. The present multi-track saxophone version is probably as rich and energetic as any of the large ensemble versions. The melody is played by threeoverdubbed sopranino saxophones in unison, the bass line is played by three baritones, and the drone is played by three altos. In each of the four Infinite Melodies the music follows a logical sequence requiring each subsequent phrase to become longer and longer, reaching out toward infinity. Since the four melodies are independent pieces, it is not necessary that they be played in the written sequence. In this case the interpreter ordered his four interpretations according to their contrast and durations, so that the CD ends with Infinite Melody No. 1. Here the music contains longer and longer silences, finally ending with a silence so long that it seems to dissolve into infinite silence as the CD player stops turning.

Tom Johnson, born in Colorado in 1939, received degrees from Yale University, and studied composition privately with Morton Feldman. After 15 years in New York, he moved to Paris, where he has lived since 1983. He works with simple forms, limited scales, and generally reduced materials, but proceeds more logically than most minimalists, often using formulas, permutations, and predictable sequences. Daniel Kientzy is an international avant-garde artist, dedicated to contemporary music, exploiting the potential of all seven saxophones and the musical power of the electronic as well. Prior to his 25 years dedicated to this work, he participated professionally in almost all genres of western music, playing instruments as diverse as bass guitar, double bass, viola da gamba, recorder, bagpipes, and crumhorn. Meta Duo is a classical chamber music duo of a unique sort, bringing a natural instrument and an electronic instrument together into an expressive world called enneaphonie, an artistic mode and a technical means created by the artists of the duo for interpreting electro-acoustical music.

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Cat.# :: Composer(s)
:: Enzo Minarelli
:: Aliona Yurtsevich
:: Yiorgis Sakellariou
:: Kasper T. Toeplitz
:: Tom Hamilton
:: David First
:: Tomomi Adachi / Jaap Blonk / Owen F. Smith / Duane Ingalls
:: Marta Sainz &
If, Bwana
21081 :: Aliona Yurtsevich
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:: Ulrich Krieger
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:: Robin Hayward
:: Ron Nagorcka
:: Secluded Bronte
:: David Rosenboom
:: Peter Batchelor
21072 :: Alvin Lucier
21071 :: Lou Cohen
21070 :: Brian Chase
21069 :: Jerry Hunt
21068 :: If, Bwana
21067 :: Jorge Antunes
21066 :: Enzo Minarelli
21065 :: Tensions At The Vanguard
21064 :: Frances White
21063 :: Noah Creshevsky
21062 :: If,Bwana/Trio Scordatura
21061 :: Nate Wooley
21060 :: Leo Kupper
21059 :: Pauline Oliveros/ Francisco López/Doug Van Nort/Jonas Braasch
21058 :: Philip Corner
21057 :: Alvin Lucier
21056 :: Dimitri Voudouris
21055 :: Birds + Machines
21054 :: Kiva
21053 :: César Bolaños
21052 :: Lionel Marchetti & Olivier Capparos
21051 :: Tom Hamilton/
Bruce Eisenbeil
21050 :: Source Records 1-6
21049 :: Noah Creshevsky/ If,Bwana
21048 :: Simon Wickham-Smith
21047 :: Kenneth Gaburo
21046 :: If, Bwana (Al Margolis)
21045 :: Annea Lockwood
21044 :: Felix Werder
21043 :: Dimitri Voudouris
21042 :: Nick Didkovsky
21041 :: Montreal Sound Matter
21040 :: Anla Courtis
21039 :: Crawling with Tarts
21038 :: If, Bwana (Al Margolis)
21037 :: Hans Otte
21036 :: DIY Canons
21035 :: Band/Myers
21034 :: Chris Brown
21033 :: Tom Johnson
21032 :: Roger Reynolds
21031 :: Trios - Collaboration
21030 :: Beth Anderson
21029 :: Hamilton, Silverton, Margolis
21028 :: Warren Burt
21027 :: Jorge Antunes
21026 :: David Dunn
21025 :: Roger Reynolds
21024 :: If, Bwana (Al Margolis)
21023 :: Pauline Oliveros
21022 :: David Rosenboom
21021 :: Ross Bolleter
21020 :: Kenneth Gaburo
21019 :: If, Bwana (Al Margolis)
21018 :: Leo Kupper
21017 :: Robert Rutman
21016 :: Matthew Ostrowski
21015 :: various
21014 :: Rune Linblad
21013 :: If, Bwana (Al Margolis)
21012 :: Pauline Oliveros
21011 :: Rune Linblad
21010 :: If, Bwana (Al Margolis)
21009 :: Leo Kupper
21008 :: various
21007 :: If, Bwana (Al Margolis)
21006 :: Trigger
21005 :: Big City Orchestra
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FPM :: Frog Peak Music
CUE :: C.U.E. Records
SOP :: Sound of Pig Cassettes
ANTS :: Ants (Italian Label)
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